Gender Pay Gap

Billington Foods


Billington Foods employs c. 490 employees* and has published this report for the reporting period May 2021 – April 2022.

*at the time of processing.

The Six Key Metrics   

Billington Foods’s response to the six key metrics the rules on gender pay gap reports on are as follows:-

The mean gender pay gap for Billington Foods is 3.56%

The median gender pay gap for Billington Foods is 4.30%

The mean gender bonus gap for Billington Foods is -15.38%

The median gender bonus gap for Billington Foods is -2.07%

The proportion of male employees in Billington Foods receiving a bonus is 79.20%, and the proportion of female employees is 70.14%

Female Male
Upper: 75-100% of full pay relevant employees 33.08% 66.20%
Upper Middle: 50-75% full pay relevant employees 30.28% 69.72%
Lower middle: 25-50% of full pay relevant employees 34.51% 65.49%
Lower: 0-25% of full pay relevant employees 41.13% 58.87%
The figures set out above have been calculated using the standard methodologies used in the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.


As a business, we continue to strive towards a gender neutral organisation and are proactively championing increased appointments of females into Senior Leadership positions. We promote equality in our policies, procedures and this can be measured not only by the data set but also by our flexible working arrangements and our commitment to ensuring real work-life balance. We recognise we are on a journey and have set internal targets to increase the percentage of females, particularly in the upper quartiles.

The food industry, particularly in warehouse and factory management roles, continues to have imbalance so we are focussing our efforts both internally and externally on how we can better promote careers not only within these areas, but the food industry as a whole.

Bonuses across the business have been exclusive for factory colleagues and as a result are more evenly split as a result of the higher proportion of females in the lower percentiles.

We view the gender pay gap reporting as a vital tool for our own assessment of our working practices and culture and look forward to continuing to challenge ourselves to ensuring we can bring in and retain top talent and recognise that to achieve this, gender balance has to be an ongoing focus for us.

Peter Allan, Managing Director